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Chelsea Goodwin


Email me if you have trouble logging in or with any questions or concerns.

I’ll be online for Zoom conferencing with students and/or parents Monday through Friday from noon to 1 and again from 5-6 p.m. Click here if you need instructions for Zoom. 

Noon Meetings on Zoom: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 617  297  569

Password: 910974

Evening Meetings on Zoom:  Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 439 709 667

Password: 730993

Assignments for this week will be on Google Classroom. Be sure to turn in and pick up any paperwork Wednesday 11-1, or for Pampa transfers at the bus stop at 3.

Click here for this week’s daily recommended pacing.

Here’s my schedule with some helpful classroom links.

Time Class Google Classroom Code Sign up for Remind Announcements
1st pd


English IV

cuy3r4p text 64h83h to 81010

2nd pd

3rd pd


Teacher Prep II

English II

z426ei5 (teacher prep)

psempxi (English II)

text 3ahhh4h to 81010


4th Pd English I

idumdup text 4ahe8ed9 to 81010
5th pd


English III

2yk5dk2 text gec8kfa to 81010
6th pd

Eighth graders


3opi3jh text b9bd83 to 81010
7th-8th pd Conferences    


Chelsea Goodwin

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